Tanisha Adjo, a digital marketing expert and coach, opens her clients’ minds to the reality of creating their own income. She helps them realize they can start a business, become the first millionaire in their family, and leave a financial legacy for their children. She coaches her clients to think for themselves. This changes their mindset and allows them to gain new insights, enabling them to look to the future and think in abundance, so they live better. She ultimately heals them emotionally, mentally, and monetarily.

While Tanisha likes to help her clients feel accomplished, confident, and smart, she loves the results they achieve. From establishing corporations to investing in themselves by fixing their credit to grow their money through stocks and real estate, Tanisha has turned her clients’ dreams into a reality. Tanisha’s own success has led to multiple awards including one during her real estate career for doing the most deals, Momprenuer of the year, and the G5 award for gaining the most customers online. 

Tanisha can change your mindset and show you how to live in abundance

Credit Education Services:

  • Improved Credit
  • Debt Elimination
  • Increased Cash Flow

  • The path to your personal financial goals begin with smart money management. The more you know about credit and debt, the easier it becomes to make sound financial decisions. my Credit System is a financial literacy program designed to increase your financial skills in the subject of credit and debt.
  • 26 Step by Step How To Repair Your Credit Videos
  • 4 Rounds of Dispute Letter Templates
  • Re-establishing new credit via little known sources
  • Income Shifting Strategies for producing increased cash flow
  • Minimize Expenses Tool
  • Debt Elimination Tool
  • Investment Calculator
  • Black history
  • Understanding Wealth and Legacy Building

        Receive a walk through of the entire credit repair process; everything from pulling your personal credit report, writing disputes, mailing certified letters, follow up and even credit rebuilding. The my Credit System provides the best training and education to help eliminate the financial burden of debt and negative credit. Increase your credit score and get on track with your personal finances.

        Specializing in Small business means we say yes when the bank says no.

        With strategic funding plans we will help you obtain the right funding that's right for you. You can qualify for Unsecured Loans, Lines of Credit, and Revolving Lines.

        Fill out the form & then schedule an appointment with a funding specialist to see what options of funding are available for you. No business plan required to apply!

        $250 Million Funded and Counting!

        You have to be one of students or attended one of my classes to get the $5000 fee waived.